About us

Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience Center (CCNC) is a research team that investigates human cognitive functions and is located at Biomedical Research Building, Seoul National University Medical School. Our aim is to study unknown fundamental mechanisms of cognitive brain functions, and from such findings, to develop effective treatments for brain disorders such as Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and so forth. By comprehensive understanding of the human cognition, which is the core and higher-order function in the central nervous system, we want to contribute to maintaining the mental health of the public and enhancing human beings with the healthier life.


Our methods are neuro-imaging (MRI, PET), electrophysiology (EEG/ERP), and neuro-cognitive function test. With these methods, we are trying to reveal the mechanisms of the human cognition including mechanisms of common mental disorders like schizophrenia and OCD, we compare the structural characteristics and abnormalities of the brains between patients and healthy volunteers. In addition, we try to grasp the structural and functional abnormalities that involve the causation or vulnerability of certain mental illness, high risk or prodromal population can be diagnosed and treated properly in the earlier stage of development. We also investigate effects and mechanisms of related medications in pharmacological approaches like PK/PD modeling & simulation

By proposing new hypotheses and models, we are finding ways to improve the impaired cognitive function, and taking effort to invent an ameliorating program and to simulate that. Beside clinical purposes, we are also trying to understand functions of the brain comprehensively.