Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience Center

Seoul National University


    Post Doctoral Fellow

    소속: 서울대학교 의생명연구원 인간행동의학 연구소

    Imperial College London에서 Biomedical Sciences를 전공하였고, 뇌인지과학과에서 박사과정을 마쳤습니다. 연구 관심분야는 Neuroimaging을 사용한 Psychosis의 early detection과 prediction 입니다.


      신원교 (Won-Gyo Shin)

      Post Doctoral Fellow

      소속: 서울대학교 자연과학대학 뇌인지과학과

      I received a B.A in psychology from Sungkyunkwan University and a M.S in cognitive science from Seoul National University. I’m currently pursuing a PhD in brain and cognitive sciences at Seoul National University. I’m interested in social behavior and its neural underpinning, and my more specific research interests include prosocial behavior, interpersonal relationship, and implicit bias related to prejudice. I value an approach that can apply findings from these research areas to contemporary social issues.


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