International Consortium

Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics Through Meta Analysis (ENIGMA)

The ENIGMA Network brings together researchers in imaging genomics to understand brain structure, function, and disease, based on brain imaging and genetics. The goals of ENIGMA are to create a network of like-minded individuals, interested in pushing forward the field of imaging genetics, ensure promising findings are replicated via member collaborations, share ideas, algorithms, data, and information on research studies and methods, and facilitate training, including workshops and conferences on key methods and emerging directions in imaging genetics.

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The PSYSCAN project aims to improve the care of patients with psychaitric disorders, specifically schizophrenia. This goal will be achieved by developing a neuroimaging-based tool which will help physicians in a clinical setting.

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Harmonization of At Risk Multisite Observational Networks for Youth (HARMONY)

HARMONY is a collaboration planned by four inidividual consoritums, including NAPLS, PNC, PRONIA, and PSYSCAN. The goals of the collaboration are: 1) to determine the pre-onset trajectories of GM decline and disrupted resting-state brain connectivity in CHR individuals who develop psychosis using MRI, and 2) to identify inflammatory and plasticity mechanisms associated with transition to psychosis. Over a two-year period, the study will repeatedly measure these indicators, and at the same time examine changes in physiological indices of brain function, social and cognitive functioning, and symptom progression.