Jessie Rhee

2012. 04 ~ 2012. 08

소속: Yale University, Department of Psychology

관심 연구 분야: developmental psychopathology, mental disorders

I was born and raised in Ohio and graduated from Yale University in 2010.  I was a four letter varsity athlete, playing on the women’s varsity tennis team at Yale.  I came to Korea during the summer of 2008 to study Korean at Sogang University, and now I am back teaching English at Chungdahm hagwon at the Jamsil Branch.  I am volunteering at Seoul National Hospital and I am working under Professor Jun Soo Kwon.  The research project that I am currently working on is how schizophrenia is related to body recognition.  I plan to pursue a career in psychology hopefully dealing with adolescents and mental disorders.