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한국형 정신분열병 약물 치료 알고리듬 개발을 위한 설문조사
안용민, 권준수, 강대엽, 김승현, 김창윤, 박원명, 심주철, 안석균, 이중서, 조현상, 이홍식, 김용식


KMAP (Korean Medication Algorithm Project for Major Psychiatric Disorders) was established to develop Korean algorithm for major psychiatric disorders. KMAP developed the draft of Korean medication algorithm for schizophrenia and assessed the level of satisfaction and fitness in the Review Committee using questionnaire about this draft. The members of Review Committee were medical doctors of psychiatry who were interested in the research of psychiatric drugs or were experienced in psychiatric pharmacotherapy in college of medicine, mental hospital or private psychiatric clinic. 57 psychiatrists were appointed as committee of re-examination of algorithm and 48 (84.2%) answered the questionnaire. The Korean medication algorithm draft for schizophrenia was based upon Korean clinical research, clinical experience of Korean professionals and clinical guidelines of other countries. The draft of this algorithm was categorized into 32 items, then we made a questionnaire according to these items. The answers of each question were consist of 5 levels of satisfaction, and the committee members could propose free opinion about these questions. The results of questionnaire were presented and discussed in an open forum. In most items except two, over half of committee members answered that correction unnecessary of draft . The 2 items showing low level of satisfaction were trial of atypical anti psychotics at level I , trial of typical anti psychotics at level 4 . These items were revised from the draft after having discussion in an open forum. And then we published the first edition of Korean Medication Algorithm for Schizophrenia .