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Research Volunteer Program for
Undergraduate Students

Every year, Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience Center provides research opportunities for about 4 volunteer research assistants (or visiting students) who are strongly inspired to their research interests.

Prospective students or researchers come from various universities with their variety of academic backgrounds, but mostly they are from neuroscience, biomedical science/engineering, psychology, biology, computer science, and medicine.

Volunteer research assistants are expected to assist with studies including roles such as collecting and processing data from Neurocognitive Psychology Test, neuroimage (eg. functional/structural MRI), and electrophysiology (eg. ERP). RAs will also learn how to manage data collected from the experiments.

This volunteer opportunity may offer valuable research experience in preparation for graduate school in clinical cognitive neuroscience or related fields. Volunteers in this lab will receive unique experience in cutting-edge scientific techniques in neuroimaging and clinical/cognitive neuroscience.

The program is held during summer (Jun. to Aug./Sept.) and winter breaks (Dec. to Feb.). If you are applying for the summer research program, please apply from April to May. For the winter research program, please apply from October to November.

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to